Children, explosives and legal education

I spent the weekend pretending to study while achieving a new level of performance in Civilization 5. Then, in one of the brief moments of actual study, my 3-year-old son comes into my office and announces he wants a rocket.

Being the attentive parent, I said, “Okay.”

Then I processed what I just did. I agreed to let a 3-year-old have gainful control over a cylinder of compressed explosives and launch a missile. Time to set the Civ Pro down and pick up the torts notes.

I started reading to him about the exciting subject of res ipsa. And he interrupts me to say he wanted a flying saucer.

Great, I’m saved. I don’t have to give a 3-year-old the launch control to a tube of compressed gunpowder, I think. And exhale.

Then he says, “Daddy, where my rocket?”

This morning before class we went to buy a model rocket.

In the checkout line, he announces, “We going to shoot rocket at church.”

“That’s right,” I said to him, hoping the cashier wouldn’t call the cops. “We’re going to launch the rocket after church.”

What exactly is the legal liability of a 3-year-old launching a missile at a church? What would our pastor say?

For now, my son is giddy waiting for the moment he gets to launch the rocket, which will not be at the church. I apparently need to spend more time with my torts reading for agreeing to this.

res ipsa loquitur


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