Just a hair over one week left on the 1L Memo

The discussion section has to be 3,000 words, I can’t write what the memo is about, either because we have been ordered not to discuss it under pain of failure and expulsion, or because I haven’t looked at the assignment yet.

I have to create some artificial deadlines for myself on this memo thing. I am really a deadline writer. My former editors will say I was at my best when all hell broke loose 30 minutes before press time, which is another way of saying deadline writers are pretty much useless when the deadline is a week away.

Right now, I should be researching …. and prepping to answer the burning questions. Instead I read for tomorrow’s contracts class and played a pretty impressive game of spider solitaire.

Realistically, I will complete my research over the weekend. And hammer the thing into shape by Tuesday. But, somehow, I know — I’ll still be playing something until five minutes before it is due. Because after all, nothing happens until just before the deadline.

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